Soccer Artificial Grass

Integral Grass  is one of the biggest artificial grass manufacturer in Turkey. Our compay has different types of artificial grasses for different purporses. We have Integral Classic, Integral Duo,Integral Super C and Integral Super V for football groundsIntegral turf products are mostly selected by professional and amateur football clubs from all over the world. Integral turf products are manufactured according to International standards. Artifical turf is easy to maintain and install and due to this fact it is more preferred for the players.We are using different types of yarn threads to make the artificial grass monofilament thread yarn is mostly selected by the consumers because it is very soft and strong.It may stay in good condition at least 10 years.

Artificial Turf For Football Field

We also need some other items which is used in artificial soccer field installation.They are special glue,silica  sand, granul and pad. The surface of the ground must be very smooth and clean in order to have a good installation and in order to have a long life.Integral Synthetic Grass has different types for different uses.It is mostly used for football turf players. More pitch