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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is being used in everywhere of the worlds since years. It has a lot of different names such as; artificial turf, fake grass, artificial lawn… etc.

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibres which are made from poly ethilen and poly propylen threads in tufting machines. It looks like natural grass and it is very difficult tos pare between natural and artificial grass from outside without touching of it. People prefer artificial grass for some facts. It is very easy of installation, no need watering or fertilizing. Indoor football facilities from artificial grass is also called astro turf.

Where Artificial Grass Being Used?

Sport facilities more commonly especially in indoor and outdoor football pitches, hockey pitches, volleyball pitches..etc. It is selected by amateur and professional football clubs.

Artificial grass carpet has a back coating and drainage channels. If it is used in football fields recycled rubber sbr granules and silica sands are used on artificial grass in order to keep them upright and stay well. Meantime also used in gardens, kids playing areas, schools and offices. It is also used as a decoration items on the walls or anywhere wanted. Artificial grass also can be used to close muds or dirty areas.

How to Install Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass products are manufactured in big weaving machines. The widht is four meters. Before starting installation of artificial grass the surface of the ground must be cleaned well. If the surface is asphalt or concrete it is always better to get a better result.

If it is used for football fields the surface must be compacted by gravels through a compressing machine. After then concrete walls must be done and drainage pipes must be installed. Geotextile must be laid under the grass carpet. After must be laid on the surface side by side. The sides must be glued and connected through polyester tape. The last stage is to put sbr granules and silica sand on the surface. It must be brushed and after that the field becomes ready for playing.