Artificial Grass Products

The current major developments in the technological industries and the advanced technological methods used have been used in supporting the old industries and have become imprinted in all modern industries, especially the artificial turf industry where it has become a form.

The variety of Integral fake turf carpets is of great importance to cover all uses, our products cover all the requirements of sports facilities (football fields, basket, tennis, knee, golf, tennis, ball, etc.). Aircraft) in addition to the artificial thorn of the landscape, which is used in public facilities such as gardens and facilities of universities, schools and kindergartens where it provides a beautiful landscape.

Also, these varieties vary greatly in terms of height of threads and the density of carpets Integral synthetic grass to give the best performance of the players and in the best form. We manufacture and supply artificial turf carpets according to the characteristics desired by the buyer and according to the technical specifications considered by us in terms of height of thread and density.

We always strive to offer the varieties of artificial grass carpets renewable to cover all the needs to the fullest without any problems.