Artificial Grass Installation

As time progresses, synthetic grass develops and as it develops, it becomes more desirable to acquire it Raw materials used in environmentally friendly manufacturing. It has multiple properties. Where it provides a long-term virtual life span of years. It makes the artificial turf an environment unsuitable for living and growing insects.
installation process of fake turf on grounds contain a lots of steps. leveling process and remove the stones:
Apply a thin aggregate layer of sand, grit over the membrane. Compact it to create a solid base.

This layer will provide you with a firm, well-draining surface that will support the rest of the materials.
Once the layer of aggregate is in place, apply layer of sharp sand. Compact the sand and level it, smoothing the surface using a piece of wood or a flat board with a level. Extend layer of fibers, which this layer of shock-absorbent material.


  • After that, apply a thin layer of adhesive on the surface beneath the joint to stop the two pieces from shifting or buckling.
  • And to seem one carpet. Cut the turf to the shape you want: Wait until the artificial turf is in place and completely covers the desired area. Use a utility knife to cut along the edges.
  • Nail the grass into place
    First, make sure the grass is the correct shape and size. Start by securing each corner, then insert nails every 12 to 16 inches along each edge.
  • Use adhesive if you are covering a vertical surface Apply a layer of silica sand. Apply a thin layer of silica sand directly to the lawn surface. 
  • Use a spreader to ensure even coverage. This will help to provide a stabilizing effect on the synthetic grass and will help to prevent it from moving. Brush the sand into the grass. Installation procces it’s easy which didn’t need alot of workers To install it. But it’s need Trained workers
    On carpeting artificial turf.