Artificial Grass FAQs

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Artificial grass carpets installation prices are variable.Soccer grass carpets installation is more difficult then garden grass carpet installation. The subbase must be done very well in order to have a good result.

Most of soccer artificial grass carpets can be used at least 5-8 years if the manintenance conditions are followed.Whereas garden grass life is less compare to soccer grass.

There are a lot of MLB stadiums which have artificial turf.

If artificial turf stays very dry in hot weather conditions it must be spray watered in order to have a better and long life of turf.

It varies from one field to another and depends on the total area.It also depends on the sub base work.

Footbal fields can be in different measurements.In order to make a good calculation the area must be known precisely.Sub base construction is also an important key for the calculation.

Sbr granules and silica sand must be laid on artificial grass in order to have a long life of artificial grass.

Artificial grass has different heights and different types of threads.

rtificial turf carpets are made of PE and PP threads.

Artificial turf is made of PE and PP threads whereas grass is a natural plant.

Most of football stadium have real grass but not all.It is very difficult to keep natural grass always alive.Some clubs are preferring artificial grass in their stadiums because it is easy for maintenace and cost.

No need to water artificial turf but if it is used under hot weather conditions  it must be watered after sunshine.

If artificial grass is not watered under hot weather conditions the life of grass is getting less.It must be watered after sunshine .It is also not good to water artificial grass under sea shine.